Hand Turned Bowls


ware. Watch as we transform the wood below!

We’re committed with upcycling, recycling materials in innovative ways that will make them last longer than before for future generations. What starts out as an ordinary log is now your go-to material when you want something different or just need some extra space on hand—whether at home or work

We are a family-owned business that extracts beauty from the leftovers of our world. We have been purchasing older or diseased trees for years, saving them from being chipped up and burnt by local service providers who can now profit off these treasures with little log value in today’s market due to high demand on mills already producing what they need – meaning there is plenty available!

We work hard at finding ways around modern-day environmental problems because it just doesn’t feel right when companies exploit natural resources without leaving behind something beautiful instead like how this company does every time you visit one of their locations where many people find inspiration simply looking outside into nature Ray Makes Boards. The Grumpy Guy Turns Bowls. Together They Turn Rot Into Beauty

Together, they have turned diseased trees into beautiful pieces of art that can be used for anything from decoration in your home to selling on eBay! Although most people receive their logs through local tree services providers who are looking for ways to make some extra cash

The Grumpy Guy gets 10-15 bowls done in one day. What's Next? After he has turned generally 3-5 sets of bowl(s) per day which could average about fifty 10-15), depending on the size or age of your log, then puts them all into another container to dry out at around 6% humidity with modern equipment like dehumidifiers and fans that help cool things off when needed!

No Stray Mark Can Stand Up to the Final 220-grit Pass
The bowls are brought up to our bowl sanders; The boards are taken over by woodworkers who make wooden serving trays and platters. Using 80 grit, they're s1lowly smoothed down into a fine 220-grade finish for ultimate durability!
Tung Oil, Carnauba Wax and Milk Paint? It's Not Witches Brew.
After the bowl is finely sanded it goes to a finisher who does all natural finishes like tung oil or mineral oil for example.