Makers/Designers Spotlight

Our mission is to support and uplift our fellow craftsmen.

Our mission is to support and uplift our fellow craftsmen’s, especially those who are entrepreneurs like us. We try to not only provide them with the best tools around but also teach how they can make their vision happen through educational content which will empower anyone into turning their ideas into reality!

To empower YOU with the tools, educational resources and design plans that will help you create pieces of beautiful woodcraft for life. Whether a professional woodworker or just getting into it as a hobbyist we have what your heart desires at affordable prices!

Heirloom Graphics Company story was started by The Grumpy Guy with many talents but is also a designer/artist turned manufacturer and a builder-who realized there was no single place where creativors could go for advice or guidance without having too many opinions silenced . This motivated The Grumpy Guy to start building our space,  tailored specifically toward creativity.

We’re excited to have you on board! Our goal with the Creator Spotlight is no different. We will hand-pick craftsmen and makers of all skill levels, expertise or not – from across any genre imaginable for our bi-weekly newsletter as well as via Instagram Stories . By doing so in this way we can build an inclusive community where everyone has room to grow together by learning new skills but also providing support when needed most without judgment whatsoever because creativity shouldn’t be stifled. We are open to anyone who wants to showcase their unique or not so unique it doesn’t discriminate against anyone who wants join.

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