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Online Resources

We have complied st a jump start some of the internet’s best sites to find inspiration, ideas, plans, and how to’s for you so you can get a jump start on your newfound hobby. These online resources are also a great place for the not-so-new woodwork as well. If you believe you have a site that you think would be a great addition drop the Grumpy Guy a note here.

Recommended Books

Check out our compilation of some of the best in print or digital books we find to be the most useful for the newcomer. Are you an Author of a woodworking-related book or do you have a suggestion for one that is not on our list and would like us to review it? Send us your suggestions here.

Recommended Books
Magnetic knife rack made with Grapevine wood. In epoxy.

Best of YouTube Videos

There were so many other titles Grumpy wanted to call this but he knew that he had to keep it respectful and professional. Let me try to paraphrase what he had to say… woodworking can be one of life’s most rewarding crafts but it also can be one of the most dangerous ones as well. Some of the power tools can take a finger or even a hand in a blink of an eye. With that in mind, a lot of folks turn to YouTube for guidance on how to use tools properly. This is where the old man loses his top I quote here “there are so absolute morons showing people everything the wrong way they should not be allowed to even call themselves woodworkers”. On the other side of the spectrum, there are folks who take the time to explain in great detail how the tool they are using is supposed to be handled. The section is called the best of YouTube videos but he forced us to make a list that he calls “Gosh Dang Morons” So come check out some of YouTube’s best and even some of the worst teachers out there. Click Here.

Videos You Want Grumpy’s Opinion

Are you a video maker and want some help getting the word out on your channel? Do you have videos you would like Grumpy’s opinion on? Well if you can handle the old man’s honest opinion then drop a link to the channel or videos you want his opinion on here

DIY plans

How Tos & DIY Plans

This is where you can find some simple DIY or how-to and some that are more complex. We set up different levels of difficulty so you can decide on your own where you want to start. Most are free but some of the designers ask for a small fee. For disclosure, Grumpy and Heirloom Graphics do not make a penny off of anything listed. We are here to help not to profit off the newcomer. If you have a project you would like to donate or have some projects you would like to sell send us a note and we will get back to you, not all plans submitted will be posted, we only want the best for the newbies. Send us a message here.

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