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Corn Hole Boards

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Customizable Cornhole Boards

Cornhole boards, also known as bean bag toss, bags, or corn toss, has become increasingly popular in recent years There are now professional tournaments for high stakes. This competitive backyard game involves players throwing bean bags at an elevated platform with holes cut into it to score points. It’s played on an area defined by 4 x 4 stakes or boards, with each hole representing a point. Although it may seem difficult to set up your own cornhole board, it’s not. You can actually customize your very own boards to make this game more enjoyable! Here are some helpful tips on how to make your own cornhole boards from scratch. You could aslo purchase one from us and we will do all the hard work!

Tailgate Cornhole

Tailgating has become a national pastime with families and friends getting together to share food and play cornhole. We offer many custom cornhole board designs that will help set your tailgate apart from everyone else’s. Our boards are built out of quality materials so you can be sure that they won’t break as soon as someone takes their shot.

Regulation corn hole board

Regulation corn hole boards measure 2 feet by 4 feet and are made with 1/2 plywood. You can choose from our large selection of stock designs or design your own with your teams’ logo, or even do a collage of photos for a super cool board! These boards will last for years to come in any outdoor environment, including being used as tables or serving trays when you’re not tailgating! The regulation board is 48 inches tall (standing on its end) so it will fit over pretty much any table you want to put it on!

Tournament Cornhole Boards

Tournament corn hole boards are the premium grade of the bunch made with 3/4 inch Baltic birch plywood these beauties are made to last a lifetime. These tournament-grade boards are sure to provide hours of entertainment and can even be customized with your own logo or mascot! Contact us today for more information on pricing and availability.
These custom cornhole boards are sure not to disappoint. Your team will love them, we guarantee it!
Tournament-Grade Bags: Our high-quality bags come in sets of 8 all emblazoned with your favorite logo or mascot.

Choosing the right material

Corn hole boards can be made with either MDF or plywood. Both materials are easy to work with, but each has its own strengths and weaknesses. While MDF is cheap and easy to obtain, it’s not very durable. The quality boards are made with plywood either 1/2 or 3/4 inch with the super-premium boards made with baltic birch. Baltic birch weighs more than pine but withstands weather conditions much better. It doesn’t warp and hold up well outdoors because of its tight grain structure. With a little bit of TLC, both will last for years.

How to make tournament cornhole boards

It’s easy to make tournament cornhole boards. First, you’ll need at least two identical cornhole boards that have either been purchased or made by you. The ideal dimensions for tournament cornhole boards are 4 ft. long x 2 ft. wide x 18 in. tall, though custom dimensions are also acceptable, provided they match up with your tournament’s regulations. Once you have these two boards, the frame is made with 2x4s (you can use whatever wood you prefer) and then attached together using wood screws. When putting together your wood frames, don’t forget about attachment points for future accessories like nets and bags! The final step is to paint them the desired color (optional). And there you have it–cornhole boards ready for a cornhole tournament!

Building your custom corn hole board

We here at Heirloom Graphics take making corn hole boards to a new level with our patient pending design you will have a set of boards you will be playing with your grandchildren. What makes us different from other companies out there is that we don’t use cheap or poorly made materials, we hand select every board before it is turned into your custom corn hole board. We go one step further and imbed into each individual board 2 official NFL team logos so no matter what team you are cheering for whether it San Diego Chargers, New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers or any other NFL team that’s out there everyone can still come together and play their favorite game of bag in style!

Tips on how to play corn hole

The most important tip for playing corn hole is to have fun, below you will find some simple rules and tips to enjoy the game!

1. First figure out who is going to throw first (Rock, Paper, Scissors anyone?)

2. You should always throw from where you stand as that provides a good base for your toss

3. Always go for The Hole it might take a few throws but everyone loves that one in!

4. Once you are throwing from further distances its best to keep your throws low or line them up

5. Have fun don’t get too serious about winning 6. If there are three of you be sure to rotate which players go first, second, and third

7. Be creative to make each hole into something different like telling someone they can only throw with their left hand or to do a shot before each time they throw

8. Be sure not to drink too much if you plan on competing seriously

DIY ideas on how to make your own customized corn hole board

It is not a complicated process to make your own corn hole board.  All you need is a table saw, wood glue and paint. You could also use a belt sander to smooth down your edges if you would like to add more of an artistic touch, or even write out your name and game rules on each individual board. Once you have sanded off all of your rough edges and smoothed out any splinters, it’s time for painting! If you are looking for something that is truly one-of-a-kind, then don’t be afraid to get creative with colors and decorations. The possibilities are endless when you think outside of the box and customize your boards however you want.


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