Custom Maple Burl and dark blue epoxy
Custom Maple Burl and Epoxy Cribbage Board
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“One-of-a-kind heirloom masterpieces. Own it today. Treasure it for a lifetime!”


Custom Maple Burl and Epoxy Cribbage Board


This is a custom, one of a kind hand-drilled cribbage board. This piece may take up to three weeks to arrive at your door as it is made to order but often much less – please reach out if you are on a timeline!

This board is 100% customizable. Please reach out if needed for a quick turnaround before purchasing as some color tones may be in stock and others made to order. This board comes with three tracks and is 16×5.5


What Makes Our Boards Special:

We hand make all of our boards to order, so no two are exactly alike. Made from solid white ash, each board is finished with a quality stain and then sealed with a durable shellac resin, ensuring that they will stand the test of time.

Personalized For You:

Adorn your custom board with a family name and established or anniversary date in one of our unique and original designs. We carve and engrave to your specifications and will always send you a visual design proof for your review following receipt of your order.

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‎Composite, ‎Magnet, Plastic, maple burl


35cm, 40cm

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We do offer Expedited RUSH ORDERS but it does come with limitations and a fee of $35.00.  Our production schedule is planned weeks in advance so the fee is barely covering the extra hours Grumpy Guy has to stay so you can get your item on time. What we recommend and we know it’s not as personal but with all the extra fees and shipping you could give them a very nice gift card If you do insist on placing the order there will be limitations to what is available in stock and ready to ship

We reduced our prices on all our boards instead as this seemed a much fairer and honest way to do business. This way, when you buy a board from us, you needn’t worry you’ve missed a special deal if only you had surfed the web for another hour or two! There is no place to enter a code on the website, and please consider all codes found on the web to be fake.,  We do offer Corpratebulk orders and multiple volume discounts Click for more discount info

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Cribbage (16)

All of our boards include peg storage pockets sufficient to hold enough pegs to fully use the features of the board. Nearly all of our boards use a pocket with a sliding brass plate for closure except for our travel folder and 4ft split boards.  We use 3/4″ inch thick planks to make our boards. A deck of cards is also 3/4″ thick, so we can’t put card storage in a single layer board. Solutions include our folding boards and also boards with two layers, held together by magnets or hinges. Below is a folding board that stores 2 decks of cards and the pegs (brass cover not shown)

A lapped layout is a board with 61 holes – play two laps to make the now standard 121 total!A lapped layout is a board with 61 holes – play two laps to make the now standard 121 total! A continuous layout has 121 holes in a row – no laps needed.

We use a brass sheet for our peg doors.

Our boards come with metal pegs as standard. Materials include Stainless Steel, Black Steel, Brass, Copper, and Aluminum. nnWe also have a range of painted and natural wooden pegs which we can swap out if requested.nnYou can see our pegs on the Pegs and Accessories page.

Most of our boards are drilled with standard 1/8″ holes. Our giant boards use a larger 3/16″ hole.

2 track boards are ideal for regular games, between two people. 2 tracks also work well for two teams of two. We also recommend 2 track boards for engagement and wedding gifts where the accent is on two people! 3 track boards add the option of an extra player in a three-hand game but also still works for four playing as pairs. It can make it more difficult to fit in the extra track on some layouts though.. 4 track boards are the most flexible of all, suitable for 2, 3, or 4 players, individually or in teams. If the track has curves, it can be very hard to bend them and still maintain good spacing on the insides of the curves. choosing between these options is largely a matter of personal preference, but is sometimes influenced by the board shape and track layout.

A perfect hand is 29 points, and it happens when a player holds three fives and a jack, then obtains the other five when the “cut” card is turned over. The final five must be the same suit as the jack.

The first hour of basic artwork, mock-ups and computer-aided hole layouts, is free and included in the cost of the board.nnMost boards can be completed within this hour and no further artwork is needed.nnClick here for a full description of the hole layout process.nnSome complex designs or multiple mockups, that take longer than the free hour, can incur artwork charges at $20 per 30 minutes. You can purchase extra artwork here.nnWe’ll also be happy to provide a quote for you.n\”

Those are custom orders and you get to talk with Grumpy and discuss every detail with the Epoxy boards. These boards are not available to be expedited due to the fact it takes a week just to cure the epoxy.

Q2: Can you put a sports team logo or other copyrighted image on my board?nnAs long as you have permission to use the logo, we can usually add it to you board.nnIf you contact the team?? or organization directly and ask for permission to have a craftsman create a one-off custom cribbage board, they will often grant permmission.nnIf you want us to get permission for you, we now offer that service here: grumpyguy@heirloomgraphics.comnnIf you can’t get permission, we can alternatively make a blank board for you to add a logo to yourself or a photo board to which you can add a metal print.n

Pegs, bags and Good-to-Go Boards usually ship within a day or two.

Gift Certificates and electronic templates are delivered by email upon ordering.
We can add most images and logos to your board. The key to a good image is a quality source image - ideally large with clear outlines and edges. We use a traditional router and v-bit to engrave, then hand-paint the engraving, so half-tones and light shadows are not going to work. We can now also add actual photos onto boards: If you are not sure, please send us the highest resolution version you have or provide a link to it and we'll work from there. There will be times that we will not reccomend using a image and the customer insists, this is when we have you sign a waiver that this item is not recconended and can not be returned.

Materials (10)

Q9: Will the wood remain flat in my climate?nnWood will do what wood will do! We drum-sand each board completely flat before we drill and engrave it.nnHowever, when we add hundreds of holes, engraving, pockets, and finishing, sometimes the wood reacts, especially well-figured and wide (over 12 inches) boards.nnWood can do all kinds of things – warp, twist, cup, crook (wain), kink and even crack – as the internal tensions are released and the moisture content re-settles.nnSometimes this happens within hours and sometimes not for years. Changes in climate – humidity and temperature – can also instigate these changes.nnAgain, there is little we can do to correct this natural occurrence, except to offer extra felt pads that can be applied underneath to re-balance the board.nnOften we use a smaller pad or two under a larger one to add even more depth where needed.nnIf you have an issue with movement in your board, please contact us and we’ll arrange for a selection of felt pads to be sent out to you. nnIf we notice the beginnings of movement in your board before shipping, we’ll include extra pads for you with the board.nSometimes, giving the board a little time to acclimatize is all that is needed.n

Drilling and engraving oak and the subsequent painting is much more difficult and we price oak higher to cover the extra work involved. It’s a porous wood with open pores but very strong, with a warm tone and often clear grain.n

Yes – we use mainly black walnut which is usually very dark although we do sometimes find lighter planks. Engraving is usually filled with black paint to help visibility but the dark wood keeps the contrast low. n

Cherry is very popular and a good compromise color-wise between the darker mahogany and lighter maple.n

Maple is even harder than mahogany and has a light, creamy color. It engraves very well and dark engraving is very easy to see with great contrast. Maple is recommended for those with vision issues as the dark holes show up very well.n

We only use pine for our 15″ diameter round pine boards which we get already round from our wood supplier. That saves a lot of work as with other species, you either have to find a rare 16″ wide plank to cut it out from or you have to glue and laminate pieces together and spend a lot of time sanding it smooth.n

Mahogany is fairly hard and has a nice warm, reddish wood tone. It shows engraving and images very well and is often available in wide planks making it suitable for larger boards. We use many types of mahogany, that vary quite considerably in tone

Those are some of our favorite boards to make. Those do come with an upchageprice and you get to pick the exact board you They start right around $35

You can specify which wood species you would like used for your project when you order your board. nnWe usually pick the plank we think works best for the design, but if you wish to have more control over the individual plank, we do offer a service where you can choose the actual plank used: Pick-A-Plank nnSometimes, the wood surprises us during the finishing stages and it is only then that the full beauty is revealed!

Mahogany is far the most popular, with cherry second, then pine, walnut, and maple pretty close and oak a distant sixth.

Shipping & Returns (4)

Please contact us within 7 days of delivery. We will replace boards broken in transit.

Usually, we wrap the boards in white paper and add bubble wrap.nnSmaller boards are packed in USPS padded envelopes, some in USPS legal envelopes, and the rest in boxes.nnMost boxes are USPS provided Priority Mail boxes, and some we make ourselves from heavy-duty corrugated cardboard.

When you placed your order you recieved a Thank You email, the email had an estimated delievery date and we will notify you if we are falling behind.
When we ship your board you will receive an email with your tracking number.

Copy and paste your tracking number into Google or another search engine to find the tracking information if the link in the email doesn't work for you.

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