Nested heart cutting board with inlay
Nested Forever Love Cutting Boards


“One-of-a-kind heirloom masterpieces. Own it today. Treasure it for a lifetime!”


Nested Forever Love Cutting Boards


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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 4 in

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Cutting Boards (9)

  • Do not set hot pots and pans on cutting boards
  • Do not use bread knives on end-grain cutting boards. Bread knife = Saw
  • Never put wooden cookware through the dishwasher
  • Do not stab at the cutting surface with knives or forks
  • Do not soak or submerge cutting boards in water
  • Do not use scrubbing brushes or scouring pads to clean cutting boards
  • Never use vegetable-based oils to condition your cutting board (Olive oil, Canola oil, Coconut oil, etc.)
    Over time these oils will go rancid and rot your cutting board and contaminate food

It depends on which one you order. If it’s one of our typical everyday cutting boards we have most in stock that we have made ahead of time. if it is one that is not in stock it could be up to two weeks. If you order one of Grumpy’s specialty boards the wait time during off-peak (meaning Christmas and mothers day) you are looking at a 3-week waiting time.

Regularly conditioning your cutting board is the key to increasing its longevity. When you first receive your new cutting board, it is recommended that you condition it once a week for the first month. This will help the wood acclimate to the humidity and climate of your home. After the first month, your board will typically only need to be treated once a month. However, if your board looks dry or is rough to the touch, it likely needs more conditioning. Do not be worried about over conditioning your cutting board you are only feeding it what it needs.

Its taken Grumpy years to formulate, what he believes is the ultimate cutting board conditioner. He has used all of the major brands and a few of the new popular ones that are out there. In his opinion, they all miss the mark. None of them add essential oils, vitamins, and minerals. Every carpenter who is worth his weight in salt will tell you wood is a living breathing thing. If it’s living and breathing why are none of the conditioners feeding the wood? That is what he set out to do and he has accomplished that. It’s the reason he can offer a one-year warranty if you use Grumpy’s Love Butter.

Chances are your board needs to be conditioned again. Grumpy’s Love Butter Board Conditioner is made from a blend of food-safe Mineral Oil and high-grade local Maine beeswax. Simply apply a small amount of paste to all surfaces of your cutting board with a soft cloth and leave it to sit for 5 minutes. This gives the mineral oil time to penetrate into the wood fibers and restore your board. Using the same soft cloth, buff the beeswax into all surfaces to give your board a moisture-resistant coating. If Grumpy’s Love ButterBoard conditioner is not available, use a soft cloth and apply pure heavy mineral oil to all surfaces of your cutting board and leave it to sit until it is dry. Just remember we can not honor the One Year Warranty if Grumpy’s Love Butter is not used.

Simply follow the first step for cleaning your board as mentioned above. Before you re-wipe the surface with the clean damp cloth you will want to begin sanitizing it. I recommend a diluted solution of vinegar and water at a ratio of about 1:4 for sanitizing cookware. Let the vinegar solution sit on the surface for a couple of minutes before wiping it with a clean damp cloth. Follow the drying instructions mentioned above and your board is ready for the next job!

Thanks to the naturally occurring anti-bacterial properties of an end grain board, cleaning is a simple task. Using a lukewarm, damp, soapy cloth wipe all surfaces of your board clean.  It is crucial that all sides of the cutting board get the same treatment whether they have been used or not! This helps keep the moisture level constant throughout your cutting board and reduces the risk of it cupping or warping. Rinse the cloth clean and give your board another wipe using the clean cloth to remove any leftover soap residue. Dry your cutting board with a dish towel or stand it on edge on your countertop and lean it against the wall to air dry. By standing the board up to dry you allow air to flow evenly over both sides of your board, this further ensures an even moisture content throughout the piece

Using an end grain cutting board helps to keep a razor-sharp edge on your knife as the knife edge will actually slice between the wood fibers, creating a sort of cushion for the edge of your blade. Thanks to the density and arrangement of the hardwood fibers, the surface of the board will squeeze itself back together as the knife is withdrawn. This helps give end grain cutting boards a naturally occurring antibacterial quality. Any bacteria or foreign material that may have made its way into the cutting surface during use gets pushed back out as the board surface self-restores, making cleaning the board much easier. This also has the huge benefit of helping to maintain the smooth and sanitary cutting surface as the knife edge will only leave the faintest mark. The combination of all of these benefits makes end grain cutting boards a far more durable and superior choice when it comes to kitchen cutting surfaces. With a little care and maintenance, these end grain cutting boards have the potential to last for generations.  

“End grain” refers to the orientation of the wood fibers in the cutting board. Wooden cutting boards can have the wood fibers oriented in 1 of 2 directions. The fibers can either run along the length or width of the cutting board (known as “face” or “edge” grain), or they can be arranged so that the fibers run vertically through the thickness of the cutting board, known as end grain.

Shipping & Returns (4)

Please contact us within 7 days of delivery. We will replace boards broken in transit.

Usually, we wrap the boards in white paper and add bubble wrap.nnSmaller boards are packed in USPS padded envelopes, some in USPS legal envelopes, and the rest in boxes.nnMost boxes are USPS provided Priority Mail boxes, and some we make ourselves from heavy-duty corrugated cardboard.

When you placed your order you recieved a Thank You email, the email had an estimated delievery date and we will notify you if we are falling behind.
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