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Materials used on our cribbage boards.

Walnut is my favorite can I pick that?

2022-04-22T12:42:41+00:0015 April 2022|

Yes - we use mainly black walnut which is usually very dark although we do sometimes find lighter planks. Engraving is usually filled with black paint to help visibility but the dark wood keeps the contrast low. n

Oak seems to cost a lot more?

2022-04-22T12:43:32+00:0015 April 2022|

Drilling and engraving oak and the subsequent painting is much more difficult and we price oak higher to cover the extra work involved. It's a porous wood with open pores but very strong, with a warm tone and often [...]

Will the wood remain flat in my climate?

2022-04-22T12:43:01+00:0015 April 2022|

Q9: Will the wood remain flat in my climate?nnWood will do what wood will do! We drum-sand each board completely flat before we drill and engrave it.nnHowever, when we add hundreds of holes, engraving, pockets, and finishing, sometimes the [...]

What about maple?

2022-04-15T15:57:14+00:0015 April 2022|

Maple is even harder than mahogany and has a light, creamy color. It engraves very well and dark engraving is very easy to see with great contrast. Maple is recommended for those with vision issues as the dark holes [...]


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