Using an end grain cutting board helps to keep a razor-sharp edge on your knife as the knife edge will actually slice between the wood fibers, creating a sort of cushion for the edge of your blade. Thanks to the density and arrangement of the hardwood fibers, the surface of the board will squeeze itself back together as the knife is withdrawn. This helps give end grain cutting boards a naturally occurring antibacterial quality. Any bacteria or foreign material that may have made its way into the cutting surface during use gets pushed back out as the board surface self-restores, making cleaning the board much easier. This also has the huge benefit of helping to maintain the smooth and sanitary cutting surface as the knife edge will only leave the faintest mark. The combination of all of these benefits makes end grain cutting boards a far more durable and superior choice when it comes to kitchen cutting surfaces. With a little care and maintenance, these end grain cutting boards have the potential to last for generations.