Q9: Will the wood remain flat in my climate?nnWood will do what wood will do! We drum-sand each board completely flat before we drill and engrave it.nnHowever, when we add hundreds of holes, engraving, pockets, and finishing, sometimes the wood reacts, especially well-figured and wide (over 12 inches) boards.nnWood can do all kinds of things – warp, twist, cup, crook (wain), kink and even crack – as the internal tensions are released and the moisture content re-settles.nnSometimes this happens within hours and sometimes not for years. Changes in climate – humidity and temperature – can also instigate these changes.nnAgain, there is little we can do to correct this natural occurrence, except to offer extra felt pads that can be applied underneath to re-balance the board.nnOften we use a smaller pad or two under a larger one to add even more depth where needed.nnIf you have an issue with movement in your board, please contact us and we’ll arrange for a selection of felt pads to be sent out to you. nnIf we notice the beginnings of movement in your board before shipping, we’ll include extra pads for you with the board.nSometimes, giving the board a little time to acclimatize is all that is needed.n